The biggest benefit is the peace of mind that if there is a problem I have someone I can call who can solve it. They always reply is a timely manner and have always been able to count on their service.

Kathy Mahany

The biggest benefit is the promptness of response when we need help. I can call or email and someone will contact me in a timely manner, even on weekends. I enjoy working with The Brain Mill because they walk you through what they are doing and what they are looking for. It is not just coming in and doing their jobs, but they inform you of their findings and make sure you understand those findings, and because of that, I trust them with the safety and functionality of our all our IT needs.

Genna Holcomb

The biggest benefit is providing peace of mind. Using Brain Mill has meant that I have not needed to worry about the status of my network, the status of my server, or the status of my back-ups. Of course, stuff always comes up, but whether it has been a glitch, a need arising from another vendor or piece of equipment on the network, or from some new project The Brain Mill is right there to jump in and get things taken care of.

Dr Steve Rosen Dr Steve Rosen

The best part about using The Brain Mill is that all of our IT services are consolidated under one roof with reliable service and reasonable rates. We like that Brain Mill is very responsive to our requests for service and is always available to help by phone or remote access when needed. Go with Brain Mill because they work hard to find the solution to your problems. They have always found a solution to our issues and always offer proactive solutions.

Erin Shay

The Brain Mill is hands down the best! They provide peace of mind knowing that our computers, network, etc. are protected. One less thing to worry about! They have always been available and knowledgeable when needed and are very personable.

Melinda Osborne Osborne Chiropractic

You will not be disappointed hiring The Brain Mill. We have been through 2 program changes. We started with one location and have expanded to multiple locations. They have been helping with each growing step along the way. The support and the knowledge that The Brain Mill team has is the best we have ever worked with and that is why we have been a client for 17 plus years. We haven’t ever had a thought to look for someone else. They are a top notch company and I can’t think of anyone who can provide you with better service in solving problems quickly and efficiently. There hasn’t been a single issue that The Brain Mill could not fix while still being professional and friendly.

Baxter Gardens West Marianne and Cheryl Baxter Gardens West

The biggest benefit is reliability. I can always count on the Brain Mill team to be there for me with just a call, email or text. They've been our IT support for over 20 years now and I cannot imagine accomplishing all we do without their support. They consider all our options and are ALWAYS mindful of cost. Trust me when I say...this is the best IT team ever. I'm happy to speak to anyone and share some of our stories of how they stepped up and saved us.

Linda Frisch Shape ReClaimed

The biggest benefit is consistency. We have seen the same faces for years with the Brain Mill. The fact that they have long term employees tells you something about the company. They explain what is going on with the system in terms I can understand and can go as deep and technical as you want. Anything from “Computer fall down and go boom no interwebs for you.”, to “Your cache was full so we had to erase it then defrag it. We’re going to cloud store it in the future.” Not once in the 15 years that we’ve used The Brain Mill have we thrown something at them that they did not handle.

Sam Longstreth Sam Longstreth Brentwood Plastics

The Brain Mill has helped me move my website forward to new levels...

The Brain Mill has helped me move my website forward to new levels. With other IT people, progress stopped. Working with Brian brings me answers. He listens, makes certain he understands me and then takes action. Working with Brian has brought back confidence that there really is a competent IT person with which to work.

Andy Magnus Andy Magnus My Tax Buddy

The Brain Mill has been of so much help...

As much as we all use computers these days, every once in a while I wish they would just disappear from my life!

That's when The Brain Mill has been of so much help.

If customer service is important to you and you want to work with a staff that truly understands your needs and that gets done exactly what you want, then I suggest The Brain Mill for your website development or back-up for small businesses. You won't be disappointed.

Warm regards,

Diane Klein Diane Klein Broker, Klein Team Realty,

You need someone you can trust and The Brain Mill has that kind of integrity...

Choosing your personal or professional IT support team means everything in today's world of communication. Not only do we all need excellent technical experience, we need an IT team that will go the extra mile.

The Brain Mill has helped us develop five websites, implement electronic medical records and an e-commerce on-line business. No matter what we need, they are ready and willing to step up and do what it takes to help.

For us, life is about relationships and we can't express in words how much we love and respect the 18 years we have been together. When we hear crazy IT support stories from our colleagues, we are thrilled to refer them to The Brain Mill knowing they will be treated respectfully, professionally and efficiently. We believe choosing your IT support team is as important as choosing your accountant or your doctor.

You need someone you can trust and The Brain Mill has that kind of integrity.

Dr Todd Frisch Dr Todd Frisch Dr. Todd Frisch Chiropractic

I have always received great service at a very affordable price...

I have used The Brain Mill for off-site IT services for over ten years. They have assisted my company at many levels, ranging from website design to trouble-shooting various computer problems. I appreciate Brian's hands-on and direct approach. I have always received great service at a very affordable price.

Alvah Levine Alvah Levine Levine Associates