Zero Trust Security

As part of an ongoing effort to ensure all systems are secure, we are now adding a zero-trust approach to your security stack. As attackers become more sophisticated, so do the complexities in stopping software-based threats.

The techniques and solutions we are implementing are regularly adopted by large governments and other enterprise organizations. As your managed service provider, we understand the use of a higher grade of security is fundamental in protecting you from the latest threats.

The Brain Mill now integrates this software into your systems to provide you a level of support previously unattainable.

What is Zero-Trust?

Zero-Trust is a security framework which states that organizations should not trust any entity inside or outside of their perimeter at any time. It is necessary in today’s environment to provide the visibility and IT controls needed to secure, manage and monitor every device, user, app and network being used to access business data.

See what it does in the below video.

Zero-Trust Helps With:

  • Layered Security
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Compliance
  • Internal Disputes
  • Storage Control
  • Data Privacy

Zero-Trust Short Demo

See how it works in the below video.

What Does It Do?

  • Application Control blocks everything from running on your systems that hasn’t been explicitly approved – whether it be a program, an installer, malware or ransomware.
  • Proprietary Ringfencing technology protects your data from exploited files and applications by fencing off the applications that run your system at the most granular level, essentially eliminating attack vectors from a cybercriminals path. In more laymen's terms - hackers can't use the command line to steal your data.

How Does It Work?

Software is installed on your systems to 'learn' what programs and functions you use to operate your business. This will also identify any programs that maybe running that are not known by our systems so they can be investigated and determined if they should or should not be running on your system in the 'secure' mode. Once the learning is completed the systems will be placed in a 'Secure' mode to prevent any other programs from running.

Should you run any applications that are not approved, you will receive a notification prompting you to request permission or ignore if it’s not needed for your day-to-day business functions. We will review the request and ensure the application is not malicious in nature and approve if appropriate.

As such, it is vital to let us know in advance if you need any new software installed by entering a ticket with the service desk.

For more information, fill out the form below. A Free Trial is available for you to test out the system to see how it can help you and your business.


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