Want to facilitate virtual Meetings for you Municipality?

Been looking for the Best Online Meeting Provider?

How do you know if your solution will have the features you need?

Need to be able to make sure only you can control who is able to talk during the meeting?

Need help making sure all official participants can access and use the system?

We have done the research and determined the best solution to support municipalities needs.

Basic Meeting Features

  • Mute all non-official participants
  • Allow anyone to ‘ask a question/raise hand’
  • Designated Meeting Organizer can control who has the microphone
  • Works on most all devices (Windows/Mac/iphone/Android/ipad/Tablet/Telephone)
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Display Agenda or other needed Visual presentation material
  • Laser pointing functionality for Visual presentation material
  • Visually see anyone during the meeting
  • Conference Call functionality
  • Meeting Recording
  • Approve visitor meeting entry
  • Up to 100 attendees

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